Check out these Summer Program success stories from our libraries.

Summer Book Camp Success

Library: Ipswich Public Library

Summer Reading Success Summer Book Camp, the dream of one staff member, has become a success story at our library. One week out of every summer all other programming is put on hold to host this program for 20 students in grades 2 through 4. Yes, baby programs and music and crafts for the larger audience, all on hold for this lucky group of young readers to participate. For those fortunate enough to get in, from a hotly contested registration, it is a remarkable and memorable week that they hold in their hearts. Often tying in with the CSLP theme, the campers are exposed to stories, crafts, activities and even snacks around areas of interest. For “On Your Mark, Get Set, Read” they made team t-shirts and medals. For our theme “Shenanigans in Sherwood Forest” they made horses out of pool noodles and had field competitions riding them over jumps! “Big Planet, Small World” (CSLP Build a Better World) found them reading stories of immigrants and tasting international snack foods. That summer a talented staff member made a tree silhouette where they posted messages to make a better world. There have been some challenges. One year they tried to make tortillas with oil and a hot plate and set off the fire alarm. And, of course, there is great disappointment for those who don’t get on the roster. I don’t even want to talk about the reason that closed-toed shoes became a requirement. By the end of the week, these young readers realize such a great sense of community. They get to spend quality time with the children’s room staff and the teen volunteers, who are an important part of the equation. The campers really feel a sense of place in the building - it really becomes their library. Friendships are born in this extraordinary environment that is built around literacy. Summer Book Camp creates enduring memories. Remember that summer at the library?

50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Library: Hyannis Public Library

Marie Zahn, NASA Solar System Ambassador, held a program celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. There was a power point, Lego Saturn 5 rocket and other props. Children made “Moon Sand” with flour, baby oil and black tempura paint. It was also right when the tornado hit Cape Cod and librarians and parents phone alarms were going off. Everyone had their phone on silent and no one panicked.We were already on the lower level so we were safe. We had 32 people which is good attendance for our library.

You're Not Going to Believe This But....

Library: JH Plumb Memorial

Success Story from a mom with a rising third grader. You’re not going to believe this...or maybe you will! I have a hard time believing it, but my son suddenly LOVES reading. He even reads to his little sister at bedtime and asks, “Sissy, do you want another story or are you too sleepy?” Tears of joy and tears of pride—so many emotions happening!!! He’s even excited to go pick out library books when he can. He was excited to fill in his hockey stick tracker with all the books he has read. We are also reading together A LOT as a family! He picked out the Thomas Holland and the Prophecy of Elf Haven book from the library's GrabNGo at the Gazebo and he loves this story. We bought him the next book, because we’re almost done with it. I just think it’s so cool that he found a book he loves from another library program, and it’s not something we suggested or had on our shelf. His Dad read him the first 3 Harry Potter books, then they took a little hiatus. Meanwhile, my son found this great self-published series. I enjoy reading it to him, too—when I get the chance. He loves to correct me when I mispronounce those “exotic” fantasy names.🤣Thank you for offering the Book Grab. I really hope other people stumbled upon a new favorite author or series! And thank you so much for offering the summer program! Combined with storytime, this program has helped foster my children's love of reading and appreciation for the library and a good story.